JumpRope Help

To provide students and families the most up to date information about the student's proficiency progress, we are using a grading software called JumpRope. JumpRope's Student & Parent Portal is designed to give students, parents and families access to missing assignments, real-time assessment information and allows students and parents to communicate with the school and their teachers via email.

Contact the school office for log-in information.

Web Access
To access the JumpRope Student & Parent Portal, click the icon below ot copy and paste the link.


Intermediate School Log-In: https://app.jumpro.pe/parent/YCSD-Intermediate
High School Log-In: https://app.jumpro.pe/parent/YCSD-High

Mobile Device Access
To access the mobile portal, you must first download the application for your device. Simply search for JumpRope (one word) on the Apple App Store.

JumpRope Help Guide

JumpRope's Student/Parent Portal is an important tool in the communication loop from school to home and back. This document gives an overview of the basic features of the portal.

Portal Welcome Tab
When you log in to the Portal you'll be directed to the Welcome Tab.

Grade Alerts Tab
The Grade Alerts Tab lists all missing student work along with the name of the teacher who assigned it, a link to email them and the due date of the assignment.

grade alert

Current Grades Tab
The Current Grades Tab is a dynamic report where you can "drill into" any level to see where your student's scores. Each level shows a corresponding overall score to the right.

"Drill Into" any level to see more specific details.

YC Intermediate School overall course scores are based off of:
80% Overall Academic Mastery of the learning targets
20% Career Related Learning Standard (CRLS) Mastery

YC High School overall course scores are based off of:
90% Overall Academic Mastery of learning targets
10% Career Related Learning Standard (CRLS) Mastery

Overall scores are converted to letter grades based on our grade conversion guide.