Foreign Exchange Program

Make a dream come true for a  student by hosting a foreign exchange student . The student will live with you from August/September until June, a full school year. Our exchange programs are always looking for host families. If you would like to host an exchange student for Yamhill Carlton  High School, or would like more information. Contact one of the companies below or contact the high school counseling office.  

Area Representative: Latisha Barker
(503) 509-6196

ICES US Exchange Program:   
Area Representative: Lisa Perkins
[email protected]

ASSE Student Exchange Program:
Area Representative: Alan Nikander 
[email protected]

Pan Atlantic:
Area Representatives: Dave Hargett and Mary Primbs
971-295-1001 (Dave)
971-237-6528 (Mary)
[email protected]
[email protected]

CETUSA (Counsel for educational travel):
Area Representative: Memory Bybee
[email protected]

AYUSA International Exchange Program:
Area Representative: Hope Walter
[email protected]

Education Travel & Culture (ETC):
Area Representative: Jessica Schuman
[email protected]

Yamhill Carlton High School Counseling Office
Counseling Office Secretary: Robin Culver
[email protected]