Senior Projects

2017 Senior Project


1.  Research Paper

  • A 6 to 8 page paper on a topic of the student’s choice

2.  Product

  • A physical product or experience, done outside of class, that relates to the paper.  A daily log of time spent on the product or experience must be kept on the PRODUCT/EXPERIENCE RECORD SHEET.  An experience could, for example, be volunteer work.  The experience must be 15 hours, and any product must require at least 15 hours.

3.  Presentation

  • An 8 to 12 minute presentation to a panel of judges at the high school on May 15, 2015, to describe the paper and product/experience.



January 13

Senior Project Plan handed in to adviser

February 10

Mentor Contract handed in to adviser

April 21

Product/Experience Record Sheet is complete and handed in to adviser

Product/experience is evaluated by adviser

Visual aide is complete and shown to adviser

May 18

Evening presentation in the cafeteria

May 19

Formal presentation

The forms are due to your staff adviser by the end of the school day on the deadline days.  You must meet with your adviser at least three times:  once before the winter break, on or before February 10, and on or before April 21.

Meeting with advisers and timely completion of all forms are required and are included in the evaluation of each student’s work.