Proficiency Based Instruction and Assessment

Grades in Yamhill Carlton School District are determined using a standards-based proficiency system. This means that grades are based on students understanding of content and skills. Students receiving good grades, understand material well, while students with lower grades are still learning and mastering skills.

Most of a student's grade depends on the student demonstrating understanding of content knowledge or mastery of academic skills, called Proficiency Statements, which are based on standards such as Common Core or Next Generation Science. The performance level and expectations of proficiency achievement is laid out for each proficiency in rubrics based on our district-wide common rubric. These targets are broken down by the teacher into supporting learning targets. Learning targets describe the steps the students will need to take to master a proficiency. 

Back to School Night Proficiency Based Learning Powerpoint
Proficiency at Yamhill Carlton School District

For the student, this system has the following advantages:
  1. Students know exactly what they are expected to learn or be able to do to earn a grade.
  2. Grades are based on clear demonstration of knowledge or skills. A good grade means a student possesses knowledge for future success.
  3. It provides consistency and clarity; grades in all classes will be determined using the same methods.
  4. It provides an understanding of the connection between the work they do, their learning and their grade.
  5. It allows students to always see academic success as a real and achievable goal. Students should always know what is expected of them, what they need to do to get there and where they are in the process.


Frequently Asked Questions about Proficiencies at YC

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To provide students and families the most up to date information about the student's proficiency progress, we are using a grading system called JumpRope. JumpRope's Student & Parent Portal is designed to give students, parents and families access to missing assignments, real-time assessment information and allows students and parents to communicate with the school and their teachers via email. 

Contact the school office for log-in information. To access the JumpRope Student & Parent Portal, click the icon below.


Visit our JumpRope Help page for more information about getting started and navigating JumpRope Student/Parent Portal.

How can I help my student?
Success in most learning targets requires significant amounts of practice and effort. Look at their grades with them and ask which targets they are proficient on and which they still need to work on. Ask how they are preparing for their next assessment. If your student seems unclear or confused by a concept, encourage them to be proactive. They can meet with a teacher during office hours, ask the teacher when the next opportunity to assess is, as well as how best to prepare.