Romeo and Juliet
In this unit, students will read and analyze William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. They will examine the language of a Shakespearean drama.  They will also study the development of universal themes.The unit will take approximately 4-6 weeks to complete.  We will be reading and discussing as a whole class.  We will also be viewing various adaptations of the film version. 

Essential Questions to be answered within the unit:
1. How does literature relate to today's world?
2. How does literature show human commonalities and differences?
3. Why is tolerance an important component of our society and world?
4. How can exploring themes in literature provide insight into ourselves and the world?
5. What makes a good relationship?
6. How can character flaws lead to tragedy and/or self knowledge?
7. How do impulsive decisions affect our lives?
8. Can decisions based on violence or anger have a peaceful resolution?